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Welcome to my site!  

Happy New Year!  2022 is off to a fast start as I have made adjustments to my personal life leaving the cold winters of the mid-west and moving to central Florida!  So grateful for the change and January is off to a much warmer start!  As I age, I realize my body does not like cold so, in "practicing what I teach," I made the change!


My name is Cindy Konomos and I am excited you have visited my site.  Last year was a big change with Covid and the need to move classes online while studios closed and folks were nervous about being out and about.  I had to change the way I did business just as the rest of the world did.  My classes went online allowing you to continue in a yoga practice that will help to keep you grounded during these challenging times.

Some good actually did come from all these changes.   I have had feedback from my students that once they start at home online classes, they are more convenient, and some are actually able to participate more because home is where comfort is.  .  Of course as we move into 2022, some of you are ready for in person, yet others still enjoy the option to practice at home.  


I am so blessed to have completed my IAYT yoga therapy coursework and all of my case studies earning me the coveted C-IAYT status.  I offer classes specializing in "Yoga for Healthy Aging" teaching my students how to maintain independence and flexibility in a way that allows for a safe practice, safe from injury and personalized based on your particular needs.  The training from Baxter Bell and Nina Zolotow have payed off preparing me well as I serve the clients and students who come my way.  I am adding those specific class offerings to the schedule now.  

I would also like to invite you to shop on my site.  I am getting updates now so if you see something, email me and I will confirm if the item is still available.    To shop, click on the "Shop" tab above.

Blessings in this 2022.



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How to do them safely for your body type and your specific body needs.

Everything we do is customized to your specific needs.  You will learn how to practice asana or postures from where you are right now.  Utilizing this as the starting place you will ease into a yoga class that will be right for you and one that strengthens your body as we move forward.

Close up hands. Woman do yoga outdoor. Woman exercising vital and meditation for fitness lifestyle c

Breath and Meditation

Learning the breath practice, for relaxation, for energizing, for getting your body healthy. Working with you on a meditation practice and  teaching you to quiet the mind and the senses.

Sri T Krishnamacharya said "Just as music without proper pitch and rhythm will not give any pleasure, similarly asana practice done without vinyasa krama will not give good health".  Let me teach you the meaning of this profound statement.  

Cindy Konomos

Blue Springs, Missouri 64015


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