@2018 Yoga As Therapy

     Let's begin with your needs

    Yoga As Therapy

    Let me design a practice that meets all of your individual needs teaching you specific accommodations for your body.

    Aqua Yoga 

    Where: Adventure Oasis 

    When: Saturdays 10:00 am -10:45 

    How to enroll: Enroll through the Sermon Center in Independence 

    June 8-August 3

    Schedule a group 

    Do you and some friends want to know more about:

    A breath practice?

    How to tailor your yoga if you have back, hip, or knee issues?

    What about your practice as you age and your body ages?

    I have been getting lots of questions like this after I teach classes, especially with my older students.  These awsome folks want to stay healthy, stay flexible or increase flexibility, they want to practice balance, or they want to know more about  a breath practice or how to practice yoga from the chair. 

    Schedule me to come and meet with your group.  


    Join me for Restorative Yoga on the 1st and 3rd Fridays at noon at the Sermon Center.  It is sheer Bliss!  

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    How to do them safely for your body type and your specific body needs.

    Everything we do is customized to your specific needs.  You will learn how to practice asana or postures from where you are right now.  Utilizing this as the starting place you will ease into a yoga class that will be right for you and one that strengthens your body as we move forward.

    Breath and Meditation

    Learning the breath practice, for relaxation, for energizing, for getting your body healthy. Working with you on a meditation practice and  teaching you to quiet the mind and the senses.

    Sri T Krishnamacharya said "Just as music without proper pitch and rhythm will not give any pleasure, similarly asana practice done without vinyasa krama will not give good health".  Let me teach you the meaning of this profound statement.  

    Cindy Konomos

    Blue Springs, Missouri 64015